Card Scan

Improve payment conversion by 5%

  • Card scanning improves conversion in mobile payment flows up to 5% vs. credit card forms

  • New tech works on all cards, including 100% of 2018’s most popular cards. All card designs supported: flat numbers, numbers on the back, embossed numbers, VISA’s Quick Read format, and everything else.

  • Powerful fraud checks cleanly flag stolen cards, reducing risk while improving conversion

  • Totally secure. Card numbers never leave your app.


Switching is Easy

If you're already using, switching to Card Scan is a 1 line code change.

Find where you are importing

// YourViewController.swift

import CardIO
class YourViewController: UIViewController {

...and replace with the CardScan library.

// YourViewController.swift

import CardScan
class YourViewController: UIViewController {

That's it! You can start scanning in your app.


Grow Without Risk

  • Powerful fraud checks ensure the card is truly present while cleanly flagging stolen cards behind the scenes

  • Recover high value users from manual reviews or harsh blocks by using Card Scan to verify high risk transactions

  • Fraud checks protect sensitive user information and keep payment cards inside your app