Card Scan

Improve payment conversion by 5%

  • Card scanning improves conversion in mobile payment flows up to 5% vs. credit card forms

  • New tech works on all cards, including 100% of 2018’s most popular cards. All card designs supported: flat numbers, numbers on the back, embossed numbers, VISA’s Quick Read format, and everything else.

  • Powerful fraud checks cleanly flag stolen cards, reducing risk while improving conversion

  • Totally secure. Card numbers never leave your app.

Integrating is Easy

Adding Card Scan to your app takes minutes. You can find our full iOS installation guide here.

In iOS you can install using CocoaPods:

pod 'CardScan', :git => '', :tag => '1.0.4035'

Then configure camera permissions in your Info.plist file and add a ScanViewController

// YourViewController.swift

func userDidScanCard(_ scanViewController: ScanViewController, creditCard: CreditCard) {

let number = creditCard.number
let expiryMonth = creditCard.expiryMonth
let expiryYear = creditCard.expiryYear
let cardParams = creditCard.cardParams()

self.dismiss(animated: true)

That's it! You can start scanning in your app.


Grow Without Risk

  • Powerful fraud checks ensure the card is truly present while cleanly flagging stolen cards behind the scenes

  • Recover high value users from manual reviews or harsh blocks by using Card Scan to verify high risk transactions

  • Fraud checks protect sensitive user information and keep payment cards inside your app