Card Scan

The Best Way to Add and Verify Cards in Mobile Apps

  • Improve conversion in payment flows up to 5%

  • Powerful fraud checks verify cards when scanned

  • Works on all card designs

  • Totally secure, card numbers never leave your app

Integration is Easy

// YourViewController.swift 

func userDidScanCard(_ scanViewController: 
                     creditCard: CreditCard) { 

    let number = creditCard.number 
    let expiryMonth = creditCard.expiryMonth 
    let expiryYear = creditCard.expiryYear 
    let cardParams = creditCard.cardParams() 

    self.dismiss(animated: true) 

Grow Without Risk

  • Ensure the card is truly present while cleanly flagging stolen cards

  • Perfect as a real time step up for higher risk transactions

  • Fraud checks protect user and payment information inside your app