Card Scan

Scan. Verify. Pay.

An SDK to let your users scan credit cards in your app while cleanly stopping stolen cards.


Scan in 400ms

Card Scan is designed to be fast and intuitive so your users never slow down. It supports all card designs and scans in less than a second.


Boost conversion 5%

Adding an option to add cards with Card Scan is easier and more intuitive than thumbing it in, leading to a conversion bump up to 5%.


Integrate in 60m

Designed for simplicity and security, integration takes less than 60 minutes and the Card Scan team is available for guided, real time help if you get stuck.


Reduce fraud with Card Verify

Designed to be easy for users but hard for fraudsters, Card Verify is a simple way to accept higher risk transactions without risk. Powerful models cleanly flag stolen cards while letting good users through, all in less than a second.

  • Sophisticated image analysis confirms the card is truly present and detects fake cards.

  • Real-time verification is intuitive for users while keeping sensitive info securely inside your app.

  • Detection for scripts, emulators, and compromised hardware coupled with rate limiting stops advanced attacks.


Get Started Today

Contact us to get started with Card Scan to increase conversion or Card Verify to recover more good users while reducing fraud.